One Degree Organic Foods
Propelling a Brand from the Farm to Whole Foods

  • Brand Strategy
  • Mobile App UI & UX
  • Visual Design
  • Marketing Collateral Design
  • Website Design
  • Front-End Development
  • Packaging Design

Attracting National Contracts with a Transparent Experience

One Degree Organic Foods built their brand on the premise that their customers could find out everything about their products from farm to shelf, including where the ingredients came from, what batch they went into and how they arrived at the store. They called on Drawbackwards for help telling that story on their packaging, website and experiencing “ingredient truth” in their app, which helped attract customers and a nationwide contract with Whole Foods.

Service Design For One Degree Organic Foods - Home Page | Drawbackwards in Phoenix & San Francisco

Brand Strategy

Other natural food brands relied on lengthy stories and complex language to sell their products, so our team saw an opportunity to do something totally different for One Degree. We worked with their team to develop a brand strategy around simplicity. One Degree’s ingredients were simple and sustainable, so we created branding and design to match.

Service Design For One Degree Organic Foods - Packaging | Drawbackwards in Phoenix & San Francisco

Packaging Design

The crux of One Degree’s story is that people can see exactly where all of the food’s ingredients come from, so our team designed new packaging for their products to bring that story to life. In addition to incorporating nature-inspired textures and branding, we helped them simplify the story into packaging their customers would understand, added a window where people could actually see the product inside and included a QR code that they could scan to get details on the ingredients’ origins.

Mobile App Design

To continue the story, Drawbackwards then designed a mobile app that allows customers to scan the packaging at the point of sale and read the full story about where the ingredients come from. This app solidified One Degree as a true health food contender and helped them follow through on the promises they made to their customers.

Marketing Collateral Design

In addition to the new packaging and app, our team designed supporting marketing materials that would assist in selling the product. We collaborated with the One Degree team to create a pitch deck, tradeshow booth design and other collateral to support their credibility. As a result of our partnership, the company was able to tell the right story with the right design, which led to a nationwide contract with Whole Foods.

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