Acquired by Experian May 2012
A Fast Road from Idea to Acquisition

  • Brand Strategy
  • App UI & UX Design
  • Website Design
  • Visual Design
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Mobile Strategy

An 8-Month Sprint Toward Acquisition

SafetyWeb, a fast-growing startup, had a concept for a new identity management tool called MyID, but they needed help getting it to market—and doing it fast. SafetyWeb had their own user experience team who understood how much design would directly impact the product’s success, but they were overloaded with other work. That’s when they approached Drawbackwards to collaborate with their in-house team, get real results quickly and lead them down the path to acquisition.

MyID Software Design Patterns & App Design - Website | Drawbackwards in Phoenix & San Francisco

Product Development & Collaboration

At the time, MyID was just a few bulleted ideas on paper, so we started by embedding with SafetyWeb’s internal UX team to plan out the product. We held several collaborative brainstorming sessions to understand business requirements and map how users would go through the app’s flow and complete their tasks. Then, we used a rapid design sprint process to turn our ideas into sketches, protoypes and a real product within weeks.

MyID Software Design Patterns & App Design - App Details | Drawbackwards in Phoenix & San Francisco

App & Website Design

With the concept solidified and the product roadmap planned out, our team began designing the MyID app, marketing website and social outposts. Every step of the process was a joint effort between Drawbackwards and SafetyWeb so we could move quickly, make adjustments on the fly and launch as fast as possible.

Social Media Marketing

Post-launch, we continued working with the company on MyID’s social media marketing, creating a custom Facebook gateway page to build brand awareness and drive people to their website. With our assistance, SafetyWeb was able to find a true design partner for their UX team that could help develop their product, design rich online experiences and produce fast results that led to an acquisition by Experian.

MyID Software Design Patterns & App Design - Social Media | Drawbackwards in Phoenix & San Francisco

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