Brand Strategy and UX/UI Design for Lifenexus - iChip Brand | Drawbackwards in Phoenix

by LifeNexus
Designing a Multi-Touchpoint, Patient-Centered Experience

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Changing Healthcare for Patients, Providers, and Payers

LifeNexus created iChip to make healthcare better for everyone by increasing patient engagement, supporting providers, and delivering better outcomes for all stakeholders. Through close collaboration, Drawbackwards helped LifeNexus change the entire point of care experience by surfacing the right health information in the right place at the right time, redesigning the industry-standard Personal Health Record, and putting patients in control.

Brand Strategy and UX/UI Design for Lifenexus - Home Page | Drawbackwards in Phoenix
Mobile UX/UI Design for Lifenexus - iChip Mobile App | Drawbackwards in Phoenix

Pivoting from Physical to Digital

The original iChip product was centered around a physical card that patients present when they check in for care to unlock a specially designed Personal Health Record. When LifeNexus decided to pivot to a mobile solution, Drawbackwards was there to help make it happen.

Within six months, our teams had planned, designed, prototyped, developed, and tested a complete platform (desktop portal, mobile app, electronic and paper Personal Health Record, and physical card) so that when patients arrive at a provider, their vital health information arrives with them. This not only saves time and frustration during check-in, but also facilitates better conversations in the exam room and leads to better health outcomes.

UX & Print Design for Lifenexus - Personal Health Record | Drawbackwards in Phoenix

Creating a Better Personal Health Record

Personal health records are notoriously complex, outdated, and incompatible with disparate systems, so LifeNexus set out to fix them. The Drawbackwards team worked side by side with LifeNexus to design an iChip Health Record that would deliver automatically-updated, patient-specific information when a patient checks in for care, along with being accessible and shareable from any device. This record surfaces the most meaningful, actionable information in a format that’s easy to read for both patients and providers, resulting in higher patient engagement, significant time savings, better treatment, and higher reimbursements for providers.

Design Strategy and UX Design for Lifenexus - Planning | Drawbackwards in Phoenix

Planning an Easier, More Convenient Healthcare Experience

Creating a better experience for so many different types of users required gaining a thorough understanding of the healthcare industry and a deep empathy for each stakeholder group. Drawbackwards embedded with the LifeNexus team (often working together on site) to understand the journey of each audience segment, create flows that seamlessly guide the user through both physical and digital touchpoints, and collaborate with LifeNexus’ developers to write user stories so we could work in tandem.

Brand Strategy and UX/UI Design for Lifenexus - Prototypes | Drawbackwards in Phoenix

Wireframing & Prototyping Modern Ideas for an Age-Old Problem

Since the platform needed to work with so many different systems and types of users, testing was essential. Our team prototyped and tested several versions of iChip to ensure it would provide an appropriate solution for each payer’s member population and provider network. The result of this process was a well-planned, patient-centric platform that would transform how healthcare happens for all of us.

Brand Strategy and UX/UI Design for Lifenexus - Prototypes | Drawbackwards in Phoenix
UX/UI Design for Lifenexus - Marketing Site | Drawbackwards in Phoenix

Designing a Website that Turns a Complex Product into a Clear Solution

iChip had multiple complex features, benefits, and audiences with completely different needs. Creating one website to cover everything was going to be quite a challenge, but Drawbackwards was up for the task. We collaborated with the LifeNexus marketing team to design a new site and supporting sales materials that would convey the right story to patients, providers, and payers; make sense of a highly technical product; help sell iChip to health systems nationwide; and drive user adoption.

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