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High-Level Design Thinking for Bottom-Line Results

For the past four years, Drawbackwards has worked with Able Engineering on a number of design and marketing projects to solve frustrations and improve their bottom line. From redesigning their branding, to creating a customer relationship and supply chain management app, to developing software that improves the experience for their staff and customers, our team has helped produce fast results and infuse design into every aspect of Able.

User Centered Design for Able Engineering - Homepage | Drawbackwards in Phoenix & San Francisco

Customer Relationship & Supply Chain Management App

Able’s core business is aircraft parts, but they realized there were several roadblocks in their workflow that made it frustrating for employees and customers. To solve those problems, the Drawbackwards team interviewed Able’s Business Development Managers, IT specialists and software development team to understand their workflows and turn an antiquated process into a modern web app.

User Centered Design for Able Engineering - App Details | Drawbackwards in Phoenix & San Francisco

Brand Identity Redesign

After seeing the success of our initial app project and how good design could quickly produce results, Able asked for Drawbackwards’ help redesigning their logo and brand identity. This process included creating a system of badges so customers could quickly differentiate and understand Able’s extensive line of capabilities.

User Centered Design for Able Engineering - Brand Identity | Drawbackwards in Phoenix & San Francisco

Logo Redesign

The badge system was just one part of a larger logo redesign. Able was growing quickly and had made significant advancements inside their four walls, but they didn’t feel their logo reflected that success. Our team channeled their internal achievements into a system of logos for the company as a whole, as well as their internal systems, Zeus and Ares.

User Centered Design for Able Engineering - Logo | Drawbackwards in Phoenix & San Francisco

Poster Design

Once the rebrand was complete, Able wanted to apply the new design throughout their new building to create a consistent look and feel. In addition to monumental signage, our team designed motivational banners that set the tone for their company culture by showcasing Able’s mission and values.

Signage Design

While working with us, Able’s team began to see how every touchpoint influences their internal culture, which trickles down into the customer experience. They understood that even little things, like signage, are a representation of their brand, so they asked Drawbackwards to create a signage system that played off their aviation roots and helped staff find their way around the office.

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